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How to use local screen sharing in Demodesk
How to use local screen sharing in Demodesk

Demodesk also allows you to share your local screen

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As a backup or for locally installed apps, Demodesk offers to share your local screen. We always recommend using only the virtual screen whenever possible, but in exceptional circumstances, you might share your local desktop. In this article, you'll find everything you need to know if such a case occurs.

1. How can I show an app that is locally installed on my machine?

Simply click on share in the bar at the bottom, choose a local desktop, and don't forget to choose the window you want to show in the pop-up. Now you are ready to go, and you can share all of your locally installed apps.

Just be aware that all of your notifications on the selected screen are now visible to your participants.

2. Why does Demodesk use a cover for local desktop sharing?

If you share your local screen in a meeting, we cover the resulting image that is streamed to the meeting - only on the side of the person sharing!
This has a reason: If we wouldn't cover up the meeting itself, the person sharing their screen would see something like this:

3. Mac OS: How to enable local Desktop sharing

Since Mac OS Catalina permissions are more strictly governed. Thus you will need to adapt the system preferences for your browser.

  1. Open your System Preferences

  2. Navigate to Security & Privacy

  3. In the left bar, navigate to Screen Recording

  4. Click the Checkmark for your browser (Safari, Chrome, Firefox)

    Please note: If your browser doesn't show up, try starting a Demodesk local Desktop share once again

4. How can I share audio?

To share audio while sharing your local screen you have different possibilities.

Share audio from "Entire screen"

For you to be able to share audio from your local screen, you need to fulfill these requirements.


  • Operating System: Windows or Chrome OS

  • Browsers: Chrome, Edge or Opera


  1. Click Share to open the screen-sharing selection window.

  2. Select Share Tray > Screen, window, or tab to open the screen-sharing selection window.

  3. While sharing "Entire screen" or "Window", select the Share system audio checkbox to share the audio coming from the entire computer.

Share audio from "Window"

Currently, browsers do not have the functionality to share audio from "Window". This is a technical limitation. Please select to share audio from the "Tab" or use the virtual browser.

Share audio from "Tab"

💡Pro tip: It is always recommended to share a website in the virtual browser. Audio will play automatically with high quality for all participants. This will always be a smoother experience than sharing audio with local screen share.

If you want to share audio from a tab, then do the following:

  1. Click Share to open the screen-sharing selection window.

  2. Click Local Desktop

  3. Select Tab

  4. You can choose if you want to share tab audio or not

5. How to give permissions for local screen share on windows?

The ability to screen share on Demodesk is determined by the Screenshots and apps permissions set up on your computer. If the necessary permissions are not granted, Demodesk may not function correctly, and you may encounter the following message when joining a meeting:

Generally, this permission is enabled by default, however, to check your system permissions for screen sharing on Windows 11:

  1. Open the Start menu and click on Settings

  2. Navigate to Privacy & Security settings and select Screenshots and apps

  3. Enable the "Let apps take screenshots of various windows and displays" toggle. If it's already enabled, restart your computer and attempt screen sharing again.

  4. Enable the "Let desktop apps take screenshots of various windows and displays" toggle. If it's already enabled, restart your computer and try screen sharing again.

  5. Restart your web browser.

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