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All you need to know for audio and video setup
All you need to know for audio and video setup

Demodesk allows you to use any camera or microphone that is being detected by your browser, read this article to learn more about it

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During your meeting, audio and video might be one of the essential features. Therefore we designed this article to ensure the best preparation possible for you and your guest. This is everything you need to know about setting up your audio and video:

1. Audio onboarding

Joining a Demodesk meeting with audio is easy, check out this article for more information.

Additionally, we have created a guide that will help you with some audio troubleshooting steps. Feel free to save it, to be always prepared.

2. Manage audio and video settings

If Demodesk cannot access your microphone or camera, it is a permission issue in most cases. Based on your browser or system, there are a few things you can do to get everything working again!

​Hint: Ensure you use the most recent browser for the best performance and meeting experience. See here how to update Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, or Opera

3. Start a meeting without audio and video

When creating your Event Type, you can choose between the following conferencing options, determining the audio settings for your meeting.

  • Full (computer and phone): both audio and video are enabled at the start

  • Phone dial-in only: you will be able to join the meeting only via dialing in

  • Disable audio: the microphone will not be activated by default

If you wish to start without the audio, then select the option "Disable audio" in your Event Type. You will still have the option to enable the audio function later on during a meeting.

Phone dial-in is especially helpful if your customers use older browsers and don't regularly hold meetings on their computers. So if you already know your customer's setup, you can adjust it to their preferences here.

Pro Tip: Don't worry, during the onboarding of a new meeting, you can always decide to disable the microphone and the camera devices of your computer.

Moreover, you can set your preferred choice in your browser permissions by clicking on the padlock next to the URL. This way, you will be asked to enable your devices every time you start a new meeting.

4. How can I change my microphone and camera in Demodesk?


In Chrome, go to the open meeting and click on the camera icon in your address bar. There, you can go to Manage and set the microphone or camera Demodesk should use. After you have made your changes, go back to Demodesk and refresh the page.


In Firefox, you are asked right away which microphone or camera you want to use in Demodesk. If you wish to change these settings in a running meeting, simply reconnect to the webcam or audio.

5. How can I call someone on the phone from a meeting

This feature is part of the business plan. Please contact Demodesk support if you are interested in using it:

To start a dial-out in an open meeting go to the participant list and click on call someone. Now, a popup will appear to enter the number to be called and establish the connection by clicking on call.
To end the call, simply go to the participant list and remove the number from the list.

Important: Please include the international prefix to your phone number


List of countries supported for audio conferencing

When dialing in via phone, a PIN code is required to enter the meeting. You can find this PIN either in the calendar invite or when opening the meeting link and selecting dial-in via phone. Click here to read more about phone dial-in and which countries are supported.

How to use virtual backgrounds in Demodesk

Bored of your living room as a background for all your Demodesk meetings?

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