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Conferencing options within Demodesk
Conferencing options within Demodesk

Find out more about the conferencing options in an Meeting type

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There have three categories of Demodesk conferencing:

Meeting in Demodesk

  • Online Meeting- You can use Demodesk for the full video conferencing experience (recommended),

  • Presentation (no audio)- just use the virtual screen and playbook setup etc. while you talk to the customer on the phone,

  • or let the customer/prospect dial in via phone to Demodesk.

You can choose between these options in the settings of your Meeting type:

For the full Demodesk experience, select "Online Meeting".

"Presentation (no audio)" is especially helpful if your participants are joining from behind a firewall.

Zoom, Google Meet and MS Teams Integration

You can now combine Demodesk capabilities with Zoom, Google Meet and Teams.

Other: Phone call, In-person meeting etc.

You can now customise how you would like to meet with the participant outside of Demodesk. You can e.g.

  • choose the option "In-person meeting" or "Phone call" and then either manually put in the desired location or phone number or select the suitable token (e.g. "Host phone number") to automatically fill in the right value.

  • choose "Custom" in case the above-mentioned options are not fitting.

You can add a token by clicking on the small +-icon in the text field.


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