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Best practices on sending out reminders via Demodesk
Best practices on sending out reminders via Demodesk

Demodesk offers email reminders to avoid no-shows in your demos. Here's a guide on how to use them wisely

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First, go to a Meeting Type where you want to add reminders.
Then, scroll down to Send email reminder and toggle the switch to on.

Before you actually set up the reminders, think about when you want to send them and what the content should be - please also refer to our blog for guidance.

Send automated email reminders before meetings

If we want to send a reminder one day before the meeting starts, set the Reminder time to be 1 day before meeting starts:

To avoid sending emails on the weekend, we would need to set up two reminders - one if the meeting starts on Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday to send an email one business day before the meeting begins.

The second reminder is for Monday: Since sending an email on Sunday might seem unprofessional, we can send it on the same day at a specific time, say 8 am.

You can set up as many reminders as you want - those can be triggered based on certain preconditions and will only be sent once these preconditions are actually met.

Send reminders depending on participant response

  • Reminders can also be sent based on the participant's response to the calendar event:

  • If there are more reminders added or some deleted this will affect not only future but also already scheduled meeting

  • Reminders will not be send out for cancelled meetings

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