As a Demodesk Admin, you have additional rights to manage your team. This article provides you with a first overview of everything you can do.

  1. Which actions and settings can be accessed?

  2. How to manage the teammates accounts

  3. How to invite new users

Which actions and settings can be accessed?

When inviting or editing colleagues the right switch grants the new user admin rights:

An admin is able to perform the following actions:

Admins can access the company settings

  • Change whitelabel

  • manage admin rights of other users

  • edit custom tokens

  • add new users

  • delete unnecessary users

  • access invoices

How to manage the teammates accounts

For you to delete a user, it only takes a few steps:

  1. Jump on your employee page

  2. Scroll down and then to the right

  3. Click on the bin sign 🗑️ to delete the user

On the other hand, if you wish to make a teammate an admin as well, then add the following steps:

  1. Click on the 3 dots and then on edit

  2. Scroll down and toggle the option for admin

  3. Save your modification

Here is a short video showcasing both actions!

How to invite new users

Please log into Demodesk and go to your invitation settings.

Here, add your colleagues row by row by entering their name and email address.

Admin rights allow your colleague to invite employees, create and change team templates and upgrade your account.
Scheduling rights make your colleague bookable on team templates, without granting admin rights.

If you disable both, your colleague will only be able to hold instant meetings and schedule meetings for other team members.

Choose a default Event Type and Playbook for the new users.

Please note that users need to connect their calendars before their availability can be taken in account and become part of bookings. Nevertheless, it will be shown as the default Event Type from the beginning on.

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