Demodesk Tokens are a powerful way of governing information flow between Demodesk and integrated apps.

To learn more about the use-cases of Tokens, take a look at our Token article

With the example of Salesforce, let's see how we can ask our customers for their company headcount and make this information appear in Salesforce.

If you have not yet set up your Salesforce integration, please take a look here.

Navigate to the Token Page in Demodesk.

We distinguish between System Tokens and Custom Tokens.

System Tokens are the most important and basic pieces of information you might need to personalize emails and capture booking questions with Demodesk. If you have any more specific pieces of information you might want to use, you can always create a Custom Token.

Setting up a new Custom Token is straightforward - give it a name, a description, and a unique identifier ("slug").

You can choose between different types - depending on the information you want to ask.

To link this Token with Salesforce, add a connection and choose the Salesforce object you want this token to be referenced to.

Demodesk supports multiple connections at the same time, allowing you to sync information from one Token to multiple Salesforce objects and fields.

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