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Accessing Guru content in every Demodesk meeting

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With Demodesk's Guru integration, you can easily keep your sales narrative consistent by accessing Guru content in every meeting, and handle objections at scale without opening the Guru platform.


  • Search your Guru cards in Demodesk meetings while still accessing the sidebar

  • Enter any keyword in the search field in the right bottom corner of the sidebar

  • View all matching cards, incl. different types of content (e.g. formatted text, images, videos, tables, GIFs, etc.)

  • See at first glance if a card has been validated

  • Access the Guru card through the link at the end of the card, e.g. for making edits

  • Guru cards are sorted by relevance (archived cards are excluded)

  • Both Guru and Demodesk cards are displayed (grouped respectively)

Set up

  1. Request your user token from a Guru admin in your company. (Profile > Team Settings > Apps & Integrations > API Access > Generate User Token)

  2. Go to the Settings > Connections and click "Connect". If the button says "Contact us", just reach out via email or chat, and we will help you with the setup.

  3. Add the email address you use for your Guru account and enter your user token.


  • Guru: Builder, Expert, Enterprise plan accounts (not included in the Starter plan)

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