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How can I use Speaker Notes to boost my presentation?
How can I use Speaker Notes to boost my presentation?

Structure your Meetings with notes

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Adding Speaker notes to your templates will push your demo to the next level! They are your digital cue cards that help to lead the conversation and ensure you are always on point. Moreover, you can save time when preparing a meeting since those notes will reload in each new meeting where this Playbook is used.

And do you want your customer to feel well addressed? Just add a little personal note when scheduling the following demo to build up an even better relationship.

For setting up speaker notes, go to your Playbooks and select the desired one. When you choose to edit a template, you will have the option to set up and edit individual notes for each presentation slide. Since the notes will always be saved automatically, it is no problem to hand over your meeting to a team member.

You even have the option to include Tokens in your notes; we have a Tutorial on how to create them here. To add them, click on Add Token at the bottom of the text-input field.

Be aware; it is only possible to put custom Tokens in your speaker notes, as system Tokens are read-only.

When giving a Product Demo, you can open the speaker notes by clicking the icon in the top right corner. Simply click on the Token to include information. If you have integrated your CRM account, the data you enter will instantly be synced with your CRM after the meeting.

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