Just in time for the new year, we have exciting news to share with you! We updated the whole navigation and scheduling dashboard to make your work even more efficient.

What's different in the new dashboard?

  • You can check the availabilities of several team members for new time slots.

  • A bigger calendar makes it easier to find the exact time.

  • The selection of the host and Event Type can be found on the left part of the screen, similar to different tools.

  • Generally, it provides a more similar design to other calendar tools to simplify the onboarding of new users.

The new navigation on the other hand highlights the most important actions in Demodesk and provides more space for other features, especially on smaller screens.

But let me show it to you step by step.

  1. The new navigation

  2. The new scheduling dashboard

    1. How to add additional team members

  3. In detail: How to schedule a meeting with the new scheduling dashboard

The new navigation


Starting pages/ Meetings

  • find all your team members past and upcoming meetings here

  • the so-called hero button now refers to schedule a meeting instead of Start instant meeting!

  • the Virtual Sales Floor is finally live!

  • Check out running meetings and hop on whenever you want; more information can be found here.

Playbooks and Battlecards

  • prepare and edit personal and team Playbooks. Check out this article for more information

  • prepare and edit personal and team Battlecards. Check out this article for more information

Event Types and Routing

  • prepare and edit personal and team Event Types. Check out this article for more information

  • create dynamic Routing to enable your customer to book a meeting that fits their needs. Check out this article for more information

Reporting (Enterprise plan)

  • find an overview of the past meetings and find your team's ultimate meeting pro!

The new Scheduling interface

Demodesk offers a powerful scheduling page where you can schedule meetings with only two clicks by leveraging Event types.

What's new:

  • More structure in the booking process

  • Better overview of availabilities

  • Faster selection of time slots

  • Easy access to the notification options

This is how you can schedule meetings now

  1. Select the event type

  2. Optional: Select a host (if you don't want to have one assigned through round-robin)

  3. Select a time

  4. Optional: Add guests (if you don't schedule out of your CRM)

  5. Optional: Adjust and preview all messages

How to select one or add additional team members

Demodesk allows you to consider the availabilities of several team members. By default, Demodesk selects the entire team's availability or you as the host (if you are part of the event type). By clicking on "Choose a team member", you can specify the host or add additional team members.

This feature is often used with team members of different groups within the company and makes sure that only time slots are shown where both of you are available.

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