This feature is in beta. Please contact your CSM to have it enabled for your team.

Why it matters

Automatically record all your meetings and ensure that your participants give you consent to be recorded

How to set it up

  1. Activate it:
    You can set GDPR compliant recording on and off in your event types. Setting it up can be useful for larger meetings where the consent of a participant is not expected and needed, e.g. webinars where everyone is muted.

  2. Make it your own:
    Admins can link their own privacy policy page in the recording consent modal. This way you can make it work for your legal requirements.

How it works

Getting consent:

If a recording is running we will ask participants to consent to the recording before joining the meeting. Otherwise they are asked during the meeting.

How to handle participants not consenting:

If a participant doesn't consent, we stop the recording. Priority is for participants to be able to join the meeting. You can trigger the consent unlimited times, if some participants have yet to consent. We recommend to asking if they declined by mistake.

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