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GDPR Compliant Recording
GDPR Compliant Recording

Ensure that recorded meetings are legally protected.

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Why it matters

Record all your meetings automatically, while also obtaining and documenting explicit permission from participants to capture the conversation. Stay compliant at all times with this seamless recording workflow.

How to set it up

You can set up the GDPR-compliant recording on your event types. Setting it up can be useful for larger meetings where the consent of a participant is not expected and needed, e.g. webinars where everyone is muted.

  1. Go to the Meeting Types tab

  2. Select the meeting type you want to adjust (e.g. Sales Demo)

  3. Scroll to Location

  4. Click Show Advanced Options

  5. Enable GDPR compliant recording

How it works

Getting consent:

If a recording is running we will ask participants to consent to the recording before joining the meeting. Otherwise they are asked during the meeting, the moment the host starts recording.

Make it your own:
This consent banner message cannot be customized. However, you can add your organization's privacy policy to the linked text, which you can insert in your settings. Please note that this is only available for admins.

How to handle participants not consenting:

If a participant doesn't consent, we stop the recording. Priority is for participants to be able to join the meeting. You can trigger the consent unlimited times if some participants have yet to consent. All participants that have not yet consented will be asked again.

We recommend to asking if they declined by mistake. For instance, you could ask, "I noticed you declined the recording consent. Was that intentional, or would you like another chance to opt in?" This approach allows you to clarify consent status in a professional and engaging manner.

Recording Retention

Under GDPR and similar privacy regulations, recordings can only be stored as long as they are needed for a specific use case. Therefore, we provide the option to expire recordings automatically so you can stay compliant at all times. Learn more here.

How to monitor

You get insights on how your team uses recording in the insights dashboard. Check the help center article about insights for more.

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