The default recording settings are set by the administrator of your account. As host, you will always have the choice to change the settings for your own recording. This article addresses the functionality for hosts and admins and contains the following sections:

Please note, the guaranteed recording storage time is 30 days. After this time, the recording will be deleted and becomes inaccessible.

Record a meeting

In the host window, you need to click on more in the bottom right corner. Click on start the recording next to the black circle, and from this moment on, all audio, video, and screen-sharing content will be recorded. Please note that at this time the recording will always include the screen share even if you change your screen layout to camera mode during the meeting.

Once clicked, the recording starts, and the button turns into a Stop button. Please note that starting the recording can take up to 30 seconds. If the recording button says "Starting recording" for a longer period, then please refresh your tab.

Access the recording

After the meeting is finished, Demodesk will automatically process the recording. This might take up to 5 minutes until it is ready for you to view.

Go to your Past Meetings and click on Watch for the meeting you want to watch or share. A pop-up will appear that contains a video player with the recording. At the bottom, you will find the link to share this recording with your colleagues or your customers.

You can also click on the three dots in the bottom right corner for more options.

  • Download allows you to save this video on your computer

  • Playback speed allows you to set the speed at which you want to view the recording

  • Picture-in-picture playback opens a small window in the bottom right corner where the recording is shown. This way you can directly work on some tasks related to the video.

Share a recording and set permissions

Once you access the recording, you can choose who can access it.
Select if anyone with the recording link can access it or only users of your Demodesk account.

Delete the recording

Every now and then it might make sense to clean up your recordings. If you want to delete a recording, your can do so by accessing it as described above. In the bottom right corner, you will find a Delete recording button.

Please note that only the meeting host or an admin can delete recordings. If you do not see the button then you do not have the permissions.

Once you click on it, one last warning will show up to ensure you do not delete any meetings by mistake.

Keep in mind that you always have the possibility to download the recording before removing it!

Record all meetings of a meeting type by default

With Demodesk, you can ensure that all meetings of your team are recorded.

  1. Go to the Meeting Types tab

  2. Select the meeting type you want to have recorded (e.g. Sales Demo)

  3. Scroll to Location

  4. Click Show Advanced Options

  5. Enable Automatic recording

  6. Whenever the first participant joins a meeting, then the recording will start automatically

You can also enable GDPR-compliant recording. See here for more information.

Recording default settings - for admins

As an admin, you can set the default recording settings for all recordings in your company settings.

Permissions can be set for internal access and external access:

  • Internal access:

    • All users (default): All users of your Demodesk account can watch the recording in Demodesk.

    • Host & Admin: Only the meeting host and the admin can watch the recording in Demodesk.

  • External access:

    • Public (default): Guests can watch recordings. Use this option if your team typically shares recordings with prospects.

    • Locked: Guests cannot watch recordings. A guest is someone who is not a user of your Demodesk account. So for example, a prospect that you talk to. Use this option if it is very seldom that your team shares recordings with prospects.

Please note that when you change the settings here that it will affect all existing and future recordings. So if there are exceptions, you need to change them on the recording itself - this can be done by the host or the admin. You confirm the settings by clicking SAVE.

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