In the host window, you will see a black circle on the bottom right side of your screen. Click on it to start the recording and from this moment on, all audio and screen sharing content will be recorded.

Once clicked, the recording starts and the button turns into a Stop button.

Please note: Currently the host has to join via computer audio to record the audio with the screen share.

Access the recording:

After the meeting is finished, Demodesk will automatically process the recording. This might take up to 5 minutes until it is ready for you to view. 

Go to your Past meetings and click on Play recording for the meeting you want to watch or share. A new Window will pop up that contains a video player with the recording. In the bottom right corner, you will find the link to share this recording with your colleagues or your customers. Whereas, in the bottom left corner, you will see the remove recording action. You are also able to download the video by clicking the three dots in the bottom right corner of the recording.

Meetings can be recorded by default, please visit your Event Types and edit your desired template.

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