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Introducing the virtual browser
Introducing the virtual browser

Introducing your virtual browser explaining how to copy paste and how to screen share with audio.

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With a branded virtual salesroom, the most interactive screen-sharing experience on the market, and integrated playbooks, Demodesk gives you the tools you need to deliver engaging presentations, effective sales demos, and interactive product walkthroughs - all within a safe environment free of undesired pop-up notifications or content.

We are delighted to present our latest version of the virtual browser, designed to enhance your sales pitch experience. Our primary focus is to ensure a seamless and remarkable journey for you, and to achieve this, we are introducing the following improvements:

Copy & Paste

You can use your native shortcuts for copy & paste. That means cmd +c (macOS) and ctrl+c (Windows) will work. You can also copy text out of the virtual browser—e.g. if you want to share a link with your prospect. Similarly you can use cmd+v (macOS) and ctrl+v to paste text. Again this works both ways, both inside and outside of the virtual browser.

Audio support

Do you have great videos of customer success stories, company introduction videos, or your example demo? Then make use of them! We support smooth audio and video from the virtual browser.

Cursors with name tags

Now, cursors will display the names of team members, allowing you to identify who is actively engaging in your meeting

Pause your screen

It is all about the sales experience! With our new virtual browser, you can pause the screen for your participants. During that time, they will not be able to control the screen. Learn more here.

Stay logged in

We support more websites now where you can stayed logged. Just log in once and in your next meetings you will no longer have to enter login credentials. Of course, we only provide this functionality if you have "Save session cookies enabled".

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