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Virtual browser troubleshooting tips
Virtual browser troubleshooting tips

This article outlines troubleshooting tips for the Demodesk virtual browser

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In this article, we provide various troubleshooting tips for the Demodesk virtual browser. These tips are especially useful if you encounter issues like difficulty signing in with the virtual browser or if the website appears differently compared to your regular browser. The tips cover:

πŸšͺLog-in & out the profile

If you encounter problems with your virtual browser, such as design issues or missing elements, the first recommendation is to log out and then log back into your profile if the website you are using requires log in.
Furthermore, another scenario where this could be an option is when you are incorporating elements within your website tool that necessitate a login to tools like SharePoint or Google Workspace. Logging out and then logging back in ensures that everything is operating as intended.

↔️ Change resolution (virtual browser screen size)

If you encounter design problems, it is advisable to verify whether your virtual browser screen resolution matches the desired one, as illustrated in the image below. For instance, if you wish to demonstrate something using a mobile phone resolution, ensure that you have selected the mobile resolution option for the virtual browser. Moreover, if you encounter problems such as capped scroll bars or the screen/sign-in page appearing excessively small or large, it is possible that these issues are related to the resolution settings.

πŸ—£οΈ Website language

If you encounter translation problems, please ensure that your Demodesk virtual browser language is correctly selected, as illustrated in the image below. This step is particularly important if your website relies on the browser's default language settings.

πŸ‘» Try to reproduce and log into incognito tab

In some cases, an encountered issue may be attributed to a development issue on your end. To verify that this is not the case, please test your website in incognito mode. If it doesn't function correctly, then the problem resides with the development on your end.

πŸͺ Clear Cookies

The final action we can take is to remove your virtual browser cookies either on an individual or organizational scale. Cookies may become corrupted or outdated, resulting in issues with websites. To initiate this process, kindly reach out to Demodesk Support. Additional details can be found in the upcoming section.

πŸ†˜ Are you still experiencing issues?

If you continue to encounter problems, please reach out to Demodesk Support using the chat function located in the bottom right corner or by sending an email to We typically respond within 24 hours during standard (German) working days and hours.

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