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With Demodesk, you have the ability to synchronize all meeting details and events with your Office 365 email and calendar, allowing you to efficiently manage your schedule and make adjustments seamlessly from your office account . This article dives into the Office 365 Calendar & Email synchronization Demodesk feature and is divided into the following sections:


  • Schedule meetings with Demodesk that always sync to your calendar

  • Send out emails for reminders automatically and personalized using your email account

  • Schedule meetings for yourself or others

  • Allow customers to book meetings with you directly when you have time


Connect your calendar upon signup

When you sign up for Demodesk using your Office 365 or Outlook.com email address, your calendar will automatically connect to your account. You can visit your Demodesk Connections page to confirm or customize your calendar settings.

How to connect your Office 365 of Outlook.com calendar

  1. Visit your Demodesk Connections page.

  2. In the Calendar & email section, locate Office 365 / Outlook Calendar and click Connect.

  3. You'll be prompted to sign in to your Microsoft Office 365 or Outlook.com account. Once authenticated, you'll be redirected back to the Demodesk Connections page.

  4. πŸŽ‰ Congratulations on connecting your calendar.

Default behaviour

How Demodesk reads your Office 365/Outlook.com calendar event status

When you use Office 365 calendar, it's possible to set your event status to Free, Working Elsewhere, Tentative, Busy, or Away/Out of office. In most cases, events are marked as Busy in your calendar, which ensures that people cannot double-book you. However, if you're out of the office or on holiday, you should update your status accordingly.

By default, Demodesk will consider you unavailable during events marked as Working Elsewhere, Tentative, Busy, or Away/Out of office. As a result, these times won't show up on your booking page or as unavailable in the Scheduler.


Q: I get a message that I lack permissions

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When connecting your calendar, you may encounter a message requiring admin approval, permissions, or consent. If you need approval, work with your IT admin to grant the permissions in Office 365/Outlook.

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