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Keep everyone in the loop about the meeting automatically and save time on writing follow-up emails.

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The meeting recap feature in Demodesk ensures that every participant leaves the meeting with a clear record of what was discussed. Immediately after your meeting, Demodesk sends an email to all attendees containing the meeting's outline and a link to the recording. This not only provides a reliable reference but also keeps everyone on the same page regarding action items and decisions made. Say goodbye to the hassle of sending out repetitive follow-up emails—our meeting recap works for you, freeing up your time for more critical tasks.

For meeting hosts, Demodesk offers an extra perk: a detailed summary included in your recap. This enhanced summary gives you a quick snapshot of the meeting’s key outcomes, making it easier to track progress and ensure follow-through on commitments. Stay organized and in control with Demodesk's comprehensive meeting recap, designed to streamline your workflow and boost your team's efficiency.

How can I control who gets the meeting recap?

Go to settings > personal > preferences and select the option that fits your use case best:

  • All participants: All participants invited to the scheduled meeting get the meeting recap.

  • All internal participants: All participants are invited to the scheduled meeting with the same email domain as you get the meeting recap.

  • Only me: Only you get the meeting recap.

What is included in the meeting recap

The meeting recap includes the date and time of the meeting, its name, the meeting outline, and a link to the recording. The recording link is provided only if external access permissions are given.

The meeting recap is even more comprehensive for meeting hosts, featuring a meeting summary and always including the recording link.

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