The are two types of meeting links in Demodesk:

  1. Unique meeting links (e.g. This is the standard way to schedule a Demodesk meeting. When participants click on the unique meeting link, they are able to directly join the meeting.
  2. Permanent meeting link (e.g. Instead of using unique meeting links, you can choose to use your personal permanent meeting link. You can find your personal meeting link here under Hubspot integration. When participants click on the permanent meeting link, they are not joining the meeting right away but get directed to your "lobby". They are only able to join the meeting once you allow them to join.

How the waiting lobby works

You get notified when someone joins your lobby by seeing a red number next to the participants symbol. Participants that are waiting in your lobby appear in the list. When you want them to join the meeting just click on "join".

Get notified when someone joins your lobby

To get notified by your browser when someone joins your lobby, activate browser notifications here.

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