Demodesk is a virtual environment for sharing your websites, web apps and documents in customer facing calls. Instead of filming your local desktop and then broadcasting it to your customers' computers, Demodesk can display web apps, websites and documents directly in a virtual browser for the host and customer simultaneously.

The advantages are that it is quicker and more reliable: 

  • Demodesk makes sure, that customer and host will always see the exact same image at the same time. There is no lag or difference between the two, you can test this out by opening a Demodesk meeting in your browser and then a second time in an incognito tab to see the customer side. 
  • Since Demodesk is not filming and sending your local desktop to your customer, it is also quicker than regular screen sharing, especially when the internet connection of the host or the customer is unstable.
  • Customer and host can simultaneously use the mouse and keyboard to work within Demodesk.
  • Any notifications on your desktop will not be visible for the customer during the meeting.
  • All meeting content can be preloaded in a template and will be ready as soon as the meeting starts.
  • The screen sharing will always be ideally displayed for your customers, to give them the best possible feeling of your web app.
  • As a backup and for showing locally installed apps, Demodesk can also share your local desktop

Here is more information on Demodesk meetings:

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