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How to chat with my participants in a meeting
How to chat with my participants in a meeting

Demodesk allows you to send chat messages to the participants of a meeting

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Our meeting chat allows you to send messages to every participant (group chat) and to specific ones (private messages). You will see the chat symbol on the bottom left corner, click on it, then choose your preferred mode.

Group chat:

When you open the chat in the meeting you start with the group chat.
Every message sent and every file shared will be visible to every participant in the meeting. Your messages are shown in blue on the right. While other participants' messages will appear in grey on the left.

You can also share files and download files that have been shared.

Host and team members can delete messages, Shadows can see the group chat but they can not send messages.

Private messages:

Participants can send private messages to one another.

Simply click on the person icon in the upper right corner and select the recipient for your direct message.


Shadows can read the group chat, but they can not send any messages. However, they can send private messages to the host and team members. Normal participants will not see nor receive any messages.




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