First of all, make sure that your coworkers have their Calendar connected.
Go to your desired Eventtype, and scroll down to Team assignment:

You can add other coworkers by clicking on Add team member and change the relative frequency of their meetings by adjusting the number next to their name.

If you select strict Strict Booking you won't be able to manually choose the host of the meeting, but rather our algorithm will find the next available sales agent for you.
By selecting Flexible booking you can choose the meeting-host yourself.

Next up go to your meeting page, schedule a meeting and select your desired Eventtype. If you take a look at the sidebar on the left you will be able to choose the meeting host by clicking on your colleague's name and choosing a time when he is available.

If you are not able to click on his name go to your Event type and change the setting to Flexible booking.

You can find the meetings that you scheduled here.

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