With our round-robin, you can pull the availability of all your team members onto one scheduling page. When an invitee selects your round-robin event, all they need to do is pick a day and a time that works for them. The event will thus be assigned randomly to a team member who is available at the time.

These events are perfect for:

  • Connecting leads with sales reps for intro calls and demos
  • Connecting new customers with the client services team for onboarding and training
  • Connecting existing customers with a member of the support team
  • Connecting candidates with recruiters for phone screenings

How to set up a round-robin Event Type

Within your Event Type, you will be able to select your preferred option: strict or flexible Round Robin.

Logic explained

The logic behind the algorithm explained in a few steps:

  • The booker selects an available time slot
  • The algorithm checks who of your team has availability for that time slot
  • It thus calculates how many meetings each rep has in that week with respect to start date of the meeting
  • It then divides that number for each rep with the value of the assignment matrix for that event type and for that rep
  • Finally, the user with the minimum value gets the meeting. If two have the same value then we choose randomly.


  • The meeting is to be scheduled for the 18th of July at 2 pm
  • User A has five meetings and User B has two meetings in that week
  • The assignment matrix says user A has 100% and User B has 50%
  • Value for User A is (5 meetings * 1 / 100% ) = 5 and for User B it is (2 meetings * 1/ 50%) = 4
  • User B gets the meeting

Reassign events to different team members

Let invitees choose who to meet with Flexible round-robin

If you wish to allow your invitees to choose their own host, the Flexible Round Robin is what you are looking for. All you have to do is

  • Create an Event Type on a team page that's tied to a specific user's calendar,
  • Add all the team members to the list that can be potential hosts
  • Activate the Scheduling Page option in the last section of the Event Type. This way, you will create all the different booking links according to the different team members.

With this new Event Type, you have the flexibility as a booker to select the best host according to the topic of the meeting. For example, you can book for a member of the sales team that represents different regions when scheduling with a new client.

Additionally, the different booking links allow your invitees to select the host they wish to talk to. For example, if your customer wishes to talk to a member of the tech team, you can send out the booking page of that specific person, and the scheduling page will automatically show its availability.

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