As an admin, you can see your colleagues' integrations status in the Employees settings. It helps you to ensure that they are able to schedule meetings, automated messages are being sent out, and all information is being synced to your CRM.

To find your colleagues quickly, you can filter by first name, last name, or email. The status shows you their connected Integrations and also if there are some errors. Simply browse over the symbol to get some more information about the error and to resolve it.

Integrations backlog

Demodesk has an overview page that helps to keep track of all integrated apps.

In there, we track and show all meetings and updates from Demodesk to connected email or CRM accounts.

You can filter for Errors or date and timeframes, as well as integration sources.

If you want to go into the details of a meeting, simply click on Meeting was updated to get all the data.

With the back sync of Gmail and Google Calendar, it is also possible to have full transparency between Demodesk and your calendar. If you wish to view when a meeting is scheduled, canceled, or even updated out of Google Calendar, everything will be listed in your backlog.

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