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Gong integration

Use this integration to send all your recordings to Gong.

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Setting up the integration with Gong allows to send all recordings to Gong. This enables you to fully document your meetings.

Please note that currently the participants' videos are not saved in recordings.

Enable the Gong integration

  1. Gong setup:

    1. Gong users must have the same email as in Demodesk
      Please ensure that users use the same email in Gong as in Demodesk so that recordings can be mapped to the right participants.

    2. Enable Data capture to import calls
      You need to enable import calls under data capture for each user so that recordings get sent to Gong.

  2. Demodesk Setup

    1. Enable Gong integration for your team
      Please get in touch with our team here so that we can enable Gong for you. It is only included in the Demodesk business plan.

    2. Get your API access key and secret in Gong
      You find it in Gong under workspace settings > data export > API

    3. Add Gong API key in Demodesk
      Add your access key and your secret to the integration.
      Also please ensure the toggle for enable automatic upload is enabled.
      Enable automatic upload:
      - On: All your recordings will be sent to Gong
      - Off: No recordings will be sent to Gong


Demodesk allows you to track the activities with the integrations in our integrations audit logs. So whenever something did not work as intended, make sure to track it down in the audit logs.

The Service filter allows showing Gong errors only, which makes it easier to keep an overview. The following reasons might explain your error message:

  • Gong user not found: either the user email in Demodesk and Gong does not match or the user does not have a Gong account.

When it means Gong import failed, we need to differentiate between two situations. To find out which one occurred, click on the error and check the details.

  • Unauthorised: The API key might not be correct. Please add it again and ensure it is correct.

  • Recording or telephony call is not enabled for primary Users: Enable that setting to import for that user as mentioned above.

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