Chorus integration

Use this integration to send all your recordings to Chorus.

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Setting up the integration with Chorus allows to send all recordings to Chorus. This enables you to fully document your meetings.

Please note that currently the participants' videos are not saved in recordings.

​Enable the Chorus integration

  1. Chorus setup:

    1. Chorus users must have the same email as in Demodesk
      Please ensure that users use the same email in Chorus as in Demodesk so that recordings can be mapped to the right participants.

    2. Chorus users need the right permissions
      The integration uses API tokens to authenticate requests. For users to be able to create API token(s), their role as defined in Chorus must be permitted access to the Chorus API via roles & permissions settings.

  2. Demodesk Setup

    1. Enable Chorus integration for your team
      Please get in touch with our team here so that we can enable Chorus for you. It is only included in the Demodesk Meeting plan.

    2. Get your API access key and secret in Chorus
      You find it via the Personal Settings page within the Chorus application

    3. Add Chorus API key in Demodesk
      Add your access key to the integration.

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