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Now you can use the Demodesk capabilities with your favorite video conferencing product. You only need to connect your Microsoft 365 Business account (Basic, Standard, Business).

Your benefits

The MS Teams integration will allow scheduling meetings with unique MS Teams links in the meeting location and send the meeting status automatically to your CRM for reporting.

Setup the Microsoft Teams integration

Connect your Microsoft Teams account

  1. Connect your Microsoft Teams account here.

  2. Congratulations, you are all set! 🎉

Setup a meeting type

  1. Tell your peers to connect Teams in the video conferencing section of the settings. You can connect it here.

  2. You can review if they have it enabled here.
    It will show the Teams Icon next to their name.
    Note: Only users with their Microsoft Office 365 Account connected will be bookable if assigned to a meeting type with Teams as the meeting location.

  3. Update the location to "Microsoft Teams Meeting".

  4. Click "Save" in the upper right area.

  5. Congratulations! Now you are all set. This meeting type will now use MS Teams integration. 🎉

Send the meeting status automatically to your CRM

Your CRM keeps track of all your customer interactions, and so does Demodesk for Microsoft Teams. Our integration with Teams ensures all your meeting info is saved and updated in real-time. This way, you'll always know if someone joined the meeting, how many meetings have happened, and if anyone missed a meeting. Here's a guide on how to get this info into your CRM. Follow this guide on how to get this information into your CRM.

When you set up a Teams meeting using Demodesk Schedule, the meeting's status is saved in the system token "Meeting status".

Potential meeting statuses are:

  • No-show: No participant showed up

  • Held: We detected at least 2 participants in the meeting

  • Canceled: The meeting was cancelled or all participants declined.

  • Scheduled: The meeting start time is in the future.

Things to remember

  • The teams meeting must start within +-30 minutes from the scheduled start date

  • Demodesk will update the meeting status to no-show latest 10 minutes after the meeting was ended (or 1 hour in the case if the host did not show up)

  • The host must have the Microsoft Teams integration active at the time of the meeting

  • Integration logs give insights about the status and potential issues. Find them here.

  • “Attendance Reports” must remain enabled in the Teams settings. More here.

Known limitations

  • Colleagues that are not signed in to Teams will be classified as guests and therefore avoid a no-show

  • When adding contacts in the CRM, we use the full name from MS Teams as the first name

  • If you use "meet now" to make a different meeting room, we can't track no-shows for the Demodesk meeting. We rely on the meeting link being used when a meeting was scheduled.


Q: I get this error message

A: You are either not using a Microsoft 365 Business Account or Microsoft Teams is not included in your feature set. Please ensure you have the right license and that Teams is enabled for your account. Then try (re-)connecting your Microsoft account in the calendar & email section.

Q: Can I use a personal Microsoft account?

A: Unfortunately, your Microsoft account does not support the Microsoft API. Therefore, we cannot create Microsoft Teams meetings for you. Please upgrade your license to a Microsoft 365 Business Account

Q: What happens if my users are not connected to Microsoft Teams?

A: Then they will not be bookable if assigned to a meeting type with Microsoft Teams as the location. Only users with an active Teams connection will be considered for meeting types with Teams as the meeting location. You can still add them to meeting types so they can add their Teams connection later.

Q: Why is my Microsoft Teams meeting link not shown?
A: Ensure that you use the "Meeting Location" token. This will show the link to the unique Microsoft Teams meeting. Please replace any tokens that are called "Meeting Link" or "Host Teams Link" with the "Meeting Location" token. Also check that there is no outage with Microsoft here.

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