This feature is in beta and is already enabled for admins. Please contact your CSM to have it enabled for newly added admins.

Setting up meeting types and arranging meetings sometimes let managers lose track of team performance. Our Insights Dashboard has all the meeting statistics managers need, from number of scheduled and successful meetings to which meeting types are most used. Numbers are updated daily at 0700 Central European Time.

Insights Dashboard can be found on the navigation bar at the top. You can filter for statistics by the week, groups and for meeting types.


This section has the overview of number of meetings, success and no-show rates, etc. Mouseover the info button for how we define each category.


This section shows how many meetings each team member have scheduled, and how long meetings are in descending order. It can be helpful to check if teammates spend an even amount of time in meetings, how many of those are cancelled/rescheduled/no shows.

You can sort rows by clicking on the column you'd like to sort by. For example, the screenshot below is sorted by most number of scheduled meetings.

Meeting types & Playbooks

Check which meeting types and playbooks are most used! This is useful for checking if team members are using e.g. their own personal meeting type instead of the group one. You can also sort by e.g Owner by clicking on the column header to sort by that column.

Meeting time accuracy shows by how much percent the meeting was longer or shorter than the scheduled meeting time.

Meeting starts & sources

This section shows how many meetings are scheduled by the hour and the no-show rate at different times. You can strategically schedule meetings during periods with the lowest no-show rate. Conversely, avoid time periods where no shows are the highest, e.g. 1300 Central European Time.

The pie chart on the right shows where meetings are booked from, whether it is booked by the hosts or participants, and how many of them are instant meetings.

Mouseover to check the exact number of meetings:

Process Adoption

Use Demodesk features to their full potential! This section has the statistics of how many meetings utilised each feature of Demodesk- what percentage of meetings got shadowed by another team member, has interactivity in the virtual screen enabled so that participants can co-browse, synched with CRM at the end of the meeting etc.

You can check which users shadowed the most meetings while undergoing training, how many reps sent followup emails and how often etc. You can also sort each column by clicking on the header.

Meeting list

This list has all the meetings for the week/month/year, depending on your filters at the top of the page, along with other details regarding the meeting.

Column headers are mostly self-explanatory besides the meeting outcome column. meeting_outcome can only be defined when the meeting has status = ended i.e. when it was held. If the status is rescheduled or canceled we cannot define an outcome, hence not_defined.

You can download the meeting list in this section by hovering over the cloud on the top right:

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