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All about Contextual Comments
All about Contextual Comments

Contextual comments allow you to give feedback right in the context of a conversation for sales coaching that is quick and effective.

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Why is this important?

  1. Enhanced Clarity: Contextual comments give a fuller picture of what went well or what needs improvement. Instead of vague feedback like "be more engaging," a timestamped comment can point to a specific moment where the sales rep might have missed an opportunity to connect with the customer. This kind of clarity helps sales reps understand their performance nuances better.

  2. Accountability: With contextual comments, coaches and reps can easily track progress. By revisiting past comments and timestamps, measuring improvement or identifying recurring issues is more straightforward, creating a more accountable and data-driven coaching approach.

  3. Motivational Boost: Specific feedback can be a great morale booster. When praise or constructive criticism is tied to a particular moment, it feels more actionable and less like a broad judgment, fostering a positive coaching environment.

How to manage comments?

Navigate to the recordings tab and open the recording of your choice. On the activities tab, you can type your comment into the comment field. You have the option to checkmark the timestamp that will take the current moment from the recording. Then just click post and your comment will include a timestamp that opens the respective moment in the recording once clicked.

Any user that has access to a specific recording can comment on it. Admins can delete all comments while users can only delete their own comments.

The meeting host will always receive an email notification once a comment has been added. Everyone who has commented or added a meeting feedback to the recording will also be notified by comments. Every user can unsubscribe to not be notified again. Once they add another comment or meeting feedback they will be subscribed automatically again.

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