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User Roles and Permissions
User Roles and Permissions

This article outlines the roles and features available to a Demodesk "Manager"

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Are you interested in granting a user admin rights while restricting access to specific features? This might include limiting admin access to certain groups, company and billing settings, or company integrations. If so, the Demodesk Manager role is what you are looking for! This article outlines the following:

Overview of Demodesk Admin and Manager Roles

The following table provides a comparison of the features accessible to a Demodesk admin and manager.




Create and Update Meeting Types


(only personal)

Create and Update Playbooks


(only personal)

Insights Dashboard Access


Create & Handover Meetings


(only own meetings)

Create and manage Scorecards and automations

Company Settings:
Audit logs


Add Users
- invite users
- who sign up through

*Restricted to the groups they belong to

This is how a user with manager role sees the settings.

How to Grant Demodesk Manager Rights to a User?

When inviting a user or editing a teammate's role via the Demodesk teammates page (accessible here), you can adjust the user's permissions and assign them one of three roles: Admin, Manager, or User, as illustrated below:

Once you assign a user as a "Manager," you can include them in the groups where you want them to have the respective roles, as explained here. The image below illustrates how you can achieve this from the teammates page (here). Note, adding the user to a set of groups, enables them to manage only those specific groups.

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