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Firewall and IT Setup considerations
Firewall and IT Setup considerations

How to set up your office environment to have perfect demos

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It is important, to know which internet connection or firewall settings are recommended. Please note, that there is another article discussing certain requirements for using Demodesk. It is important to know, that this article focuses more on internal requirements, rather than hardware. (Link to the other article here).

To ensure a high meeting quality for all of your team, you should keep a couple of things in mind - especially regarding the IT setup.ย 

Demodesk relies on real-time conferencing to hold the online meetings with your customers. As with every real-time conferencing solution, there are miniumum requirements regarding your internet connection and devices.

You can test the quality of your internet connection using the video diagnostics tool: Link.
โ€‹NOTE: All of these settings are specifically for the host side of Demodesk. For the participant side of a meeting the requirements are lower. Check this article here.


  • As browser, we recommend Google Chrome or Firefox in their latest versions.

  • Especially in large floorpan offices we recommend to use a dedicated conferencing headset with noise cancellation. We've had good experiences with headsets from Plantronics and Logitech.

  • Use a wired setup for the headsets - a large amount of Bluetooth devices in an office might influence the connection quality.

  • For video streaming, your laptop's webcam should work. If you want to use an external webcam, feel free to follow this guide.

  • Ideally, use an Ethernet cable to connect your device to the network. Wifi has the potential for jitter and packet drops, which will result in a lower audio quality.

Internet connection / Firewall setup

  • Especially if multiple people are using the same connection, we would advise to use a decent bandwidth for the entire office. Consider video calling and conferencing a rather bandwidth intensive task that might take up to 5 MB/s per session.

  • If you decide to go for a wireless configuration (which we would advise against to achieve optimal results), make sure to have enough access points for all devices in place and the coverage at the working desks is sufficient for conferencing.

If you are employing a firewall, please make sure to whitelist these IP ranges:

If these measures are not working, please do reach out to us ( and check out our troubleshooting guide HERE.

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