If you connect your HubSpot Account with Demodesk you ensure your customer interactions are logged, meeting notes are available and visible to you and your team, and you generally increase the data quality within your organization.

Capabilities of the Demodesk HubSpot Integration:

  • Meetings are synced to HubSpot and shown as activities.

  • Schedule meetings out of HubSpot and book meetings in Demodesk with the relevant data.

  • Call notes, the attendee list, the meeting status (held/no show), and the recording link will be synced to HubSpot.

  • Contacts, deals, and/or companies can be created automatically.

  • Custom Tokens can be connected with HubSpot fields. Thus you can automatically sync the answers to booking questions to properties on contacts or companies in HubSpot. Moreover, you can review and update HubSpot properties directly during your meeting.

Setup your HubSpot integration:

We have two different ways for you to set up your HubSpot integration. The user-level integration, which is enabled by default. And the company-wide integration that we can activate for you if you get in touch with us. Below we'd like to show you how to connect to Hubspot using these two ways.

Connect to HubSpot (User-level integration):

With this integration active we will use the HubSpot account from every Demodesk user to sync activities to HubSpot giving you more visibility on who is doing which action.

  1. Please ensure that you use the same e-mail address in Hubspot that you do in Demodesk

  2. Note that every user needs super admin rights to connect to Hubspot. Afterward, the following permissions are sufficient:

    1. marketplace permissions,

    2. contact permissions,

    3. create timeline events permissions,

    4. edit property settings

  3. Click on connect here.

  4. HubSpot will open in the same tab, and you must give permissions there. They will redirect you back to Demodesk afterward.

  5. Congratulations, Your connection is now active.
    Please note that every user needs to connect their Hubspot integration in the same way.

Connect to HubSpot (Company-level integration):

We recommend this integration if you cannot give your users super admin rights at all - not even for the 5 minutes for the initial connection. Then all changes in Hubspot will use the same user you use to set up the integration. Please reach out to us to enable the company-level integration for you.

  1. Make sure a company admin use the same email address for HubSpot, Demodesk, and your Google or Outlook account.

  2. Note that the company admin needs super admin rights to connect to Hubspot.

  3. Click on connect here.

  4. HubSpot will open in the same tab, and you must give permissions there. They will redirect you back to Demodesk afterward.

  5. Congratulations, Your connection is now active.
    Other users will be connected to HubSpot automatically.

  6. Be aware: If the admin deletes the integration from Hubspot, all other users will be disconnected automatically!

Good to know:

  • Cancelled Meetings: When a meeting is canceled via Demodesk, will not delete it from the calendar, the participant's responses will only be set to not going. Thus we prevent tracking/reporting on canceled meetings, you can find more about it here.

If you have questions or you want to switch integrations please contact us.

Next steps:


Q: A Hubspot meeting is not created
A: Look for the meeting and the host in the integration settings here. It will tell you all the activities we do on your CRM and why actions may fail. If meetings are not created then typically this is due to active meeting duplication prevention. See here for more details.

Q: I have meeting duplicates in the CRM

A: This usually happens when they have a sync between the calendar and the CRM; then we create the meeting in the CRM, and the calendar syncs the meeting to the CRM as well; the solution is the CRM integration setting “other sync enabled”

Q: The meeting could not be updated in HubSpot
A: Hubspot engagement X was stored for Y but could no longer be found

This means that previously we had a HS meeting ID saved, but the meeting in HS doesn’t exist anymore bcs it got deleted manually.

Q: The participant was not created as a contact in HS (or updated)
A: Create contact is disabled in the integration settings. If you have disabled the creation of the new Contact in the integration settings which can be found here, new Contact will not be created using any of the scheduling methods. As well as if it is not enabled then the deal and company cannot be updated.

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