If you connect your HubSpot Account with Demodesk you ensure your customer interactions are logged, meeting notes are available and visible to you and your team, and you generally increase the data quality within your organization.

Capabilities of the Demodesk HubSpot Integration:

Things you need to consider:

  • Be aware, in order to connect Hubspot for the first time, you need super admin rights.

    Afterward, the following permissions are sufficient: marketplace permissions, contact permissions, create timeline events permissions, edit property settings.

  • Make sure you use the same email address for HubSpot, Demodesk, and your Google or Outlook account.

  • When a meeting is canceled via Demodesk, will not delete it from the calendar, the participant's responses will only be set to not going. Thus we prevent tracking/reporting on canceled meetings, you can find more about it here.

How it works on company-level:

  • The admin user needs to connect their Hubspot account in the settings section. Just click on connect and you will be guided through the process of signing in.

  • Set up your integration settings based on your needs.

  • Create custom tokens to connect them to booking questions and use them in your playbooks.

  • All other users will be connected as well, they don't need to connect themselves.

Be aware: If the admin deletes the integration from Hubspot, all other users will be connected automatically!

How it works on user-level:

If you want to switch from company- to user-level, please contact us.

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