If you connect your Pipedrive Account with Demodesk you ensure your customer interactions are logged, meeting notes are available and visible to you and your team, and you generally increase the data quality within your organization.

Capabilities of the Demodesk Pipedrive Integration:

  • Meetings are synced to Pipedrive and shown as activities.

    Please note: This is not the case for instant meetings.

  • Contact and company are created in Pipedrive if a guest schedules a meeting via the scheduling page and no contact with the respective email address exists yet.

  • Activities, and/or deals can be created automatically.

  • Custom Tokens can be connected with Pipedrive fields. Thus you can automatically sync the answers to booking questions to properties in Pipedrive.

  • Call notes will be synced to the related Pipedrive activity.

How it works:

Things you need to consider:

  • Make sure you use the same email address for Pipedrive, Demodesk, and your Google or Outlook account.

  • In order to sync your notes after a meeting, the activity must be present in Pipedrive. Only after scheduling a new meeting (with the Pipedrive integration connected), you will be able to sync the notes for that meeting.

    Please note: All the meetings scheduled before connecting Pipedrive won’t be synced since they are not present on Pipedrive yet. Also, the notes of an instant meeting will not be synced to the CRM.

  • Please be aware of the different buttons and their functionality when you try to sync your meeting notes:

    • Save: saves the changes done here in the Demodesk backend;

    • Sync to Pipedrive: saves the changes performed in the Demodesk backend and syncs them to Pipedrive

    • Skip: discards the changes done on the meeting summary screen

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