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How to install and mange the integration for Pipedrive
How to install and mange the integration for Pipedrive

Everything you need to know when integrating Demodesk with Pipedrive

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In this article, in-depth information on defining the interactions with Pipedrive is provided. In general, this HubSpot sync feature is accessible to users with Scheduling and Business licenses. This article is divided into the following sections:


Before you begin...ensure that:

  • You are logged into Demodesk

  • You are logged into Pipedrive

  • You use the same email address for Pipedrive and Demodesk

  1. Visit your Connections page.

  2. Scroll down to the CRM section

  3. Click Connect Pipedrive to authenticate and connect.

  4. Congratulations! 🎉
    Your connection is now activated for your user account. Your activities are now automatically synced with Pipedrive per your settings.

Integration settings

Your integration settings in Demodesk define how Demodesk interacts with Pipedrive for the whole company. In essence, you can control whether Demodesk should create the following objects and their properties:

In essence, you can control whether Demodesk should create the following objects:

  • Activities

  • Deals

Create meetings

For creating activities, you can specify the default activity type. All activities created via Demodesk will be of the default activity type specified here.

If you want to have a different activity types for different meeting types in Demodesk, then you can achieve that by doing the following (expand)

  1. Create a custom token with a connection to the type field on the activity in Pipedrive

  2. Add the activity types from Pipedrive that you want to support. See the most common activity types here.

  3. Click on Meeting types and open a meeting type

  4. Scroll down to booking questions

  5. Add a question.

  6. Select the token you created and checkmark optional, the default answer you want to have for the activity type, and hidden booking question.

Create deals

When this option is enabled, Demodesk always checks if a relevant deal, i.e. an open or closed won deal, exists. Then, no deal is created to avoid duplicate deals.

If a deal is created, Demodesk uses the specified pipeline and stage of the respective meeting type.

If you use several pipelines in Pipedrive, you can set them up in Demodesk and assign event types to specific pipelines. In that case, you also need to specify if only this specific pipeline should be checked for relevant deals or all pipelines. Examples:

  • Different pipelines are used for different stages in the funnel or different sources. E.g. inbound, outbound, onboarding, renewal, etc. Then, the setting all pipelines should be used to ensure that open or closed won deals in any of these pipelines are considered.

  • Different pipelines are used for different products or markets, i.e. for one customer deals in different pipelines can exist. Then, the setting specific pipeline should be used, so that a new deal is created in other pipelines.

Demodesk connect the deal ID when we create the activity. The organization should then be automatically connected through the person.

Update deals

Demodesk associates the event with the deal, even if deal creation is disabled. In case there are multiple deals opened at the same organization, a new activity will be attached to the most recent open deal. Otherwise, we do not support updating fields on a deal after it was created.

Default connections

By default, we connect some system tokens in Demodesk to standard fields in Pipedrive (see below table for more details). You can find your token connections in your settings.

Demodesk Token Names

Pipedrive Field

Guest last name
Guest first name

Name (Person)

Guest email

Email (Person)

Meeting name

Subject (Activity)

Meeting link

Location (Activity)

Meeting time

Due Time (Activity)

Meeting date

Due Date (Activity)


Q: I want to connect more than one CRM with Demodesk

Answer (expand)

If you have more than one CRM connected, you are able to choose which CRM you want to connect to a token. This only applies, when you have multiple CRM's (HubSpot/ Pipedrive/ Salesforce) connected.

Q: My meetings are not getting created in Demodesk

Answer (expand)

Make sure you use the same email address for Pipedrive, Demodesk, and your Google or Outlook account.

In order to sync your notes after a meeting, the activity must be present in Pipedrive. Only after scheduling a new meeting (with the Pipedrive integration connected), you will be able to sync the notes for that meeting.

Please note: All the meetings scheduled before connecting Pipedrive won’t be synced since they are not present on Pipedrive yet. Also, the notes of an instant meeting will not be synced to the CRM.

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