In case you have the integration between Hubspot or Salesforce and your calendar (Google Calendar or Outlook) as well as the integration between Demodesk and your calendar, the meeting can be duplicated to your CRM.

That can easily cause confusion, thus we implemented our double meeting prevention.

If you have the sync between your calendar and the CRM enabled, we can avoid duplications of meetings in your calendar. Meaning you need to connect Demodesk with your calendar as well as your CRM, do so here.

If everything is set up, the prevention will ensure the following:

  • The new meeting is booked

  • Demodesk starts to check if there is such a meeting in the CRM.

    • If there is no meeting in the CRM, Demodesk waits for a specific amount of time, let's say n, which is always increasing and it continues until there is no meeting found in the CRM (usually it takes 3 seconds to be found).

    • When a meeting is found, the Tokens that are used will be updated and the process expires.

  • You now have one up-to-date meeting in Demdesk, your CRM, and your calendar!

Take a look at this flow to fully understand the process:

On the other hand, if the sync is NOT enabled, the following will happen:

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