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Getting Started: Coaching & AI
Getting Started: Coaching & AI

This article provides instructions for users on how to use Demodesk Coaching & AI

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This article guides users through the process of starting with Demodesk Coaching & AI.

ℹ️ The Demodesk Coaching & AI solution equips you with advanced coaching and transcription & AI features. These offer you improved visibility into both individual meetings and series of meetings, allowing for quicker understanding of outcomes and future steps. Moreover, it empowers you to continuously improve with each meeting.

The sections covered in this article include:

Introduction to Demodesk Coaching & AI

The Demodesk Coaching & AI solution consists of five core elements: Coaching Plus Insights, Contextual Comments, Meeting Scorecards, Recording Bookmarks, and Transcription & AI. This section offers a high-level overview of these features. For a more in-depth exploration of each aspect, please consult this help center section and select your desired functionality.

Coaching Plus Insights

Accessible from the Insights tab on the Demodesk dashboard, Coaching Plus Insights offers both a high-level overview and detailed insights into your team's coaching performance. It provides an overview of all your recordings within a specified period. Moreover, with this feature, you can view metrics such as the average feedback score for your entire team or individual teammates. Additionally, you can track the evolution of these feedback scores over time to monitor progress. And it does not stop there, Coaching Plus Insights allows you to explore a comprehensive list of your recording data, enabling you to identify trends and make informed decisions seamlessly.

Pro Tip: In the insights dashboard, you have the flexibility to filter the metrics shown based on specific timeframes, meeting types, or even groups. This enables you to analyze the coaching performance of particular subsets or individuals within your team over designated periods, meeting types, etc.

The following article dives deeper into Coaching Plus Insights: here

Contextual Comments

When accessing any Demodesk recording, you have the ability to insert comments at specific timestamps, as demonstrated above, to provide the host with a comprehensive understanding of what went well or where improvements could be made. Once this is done, the host receives email notifications regarding the feedback.

Pro Tip: Comments serve as an excellent method to motivate your team members. If you notice something noteworthy, feel free to share it as a comment so that the entire team can commend the host.

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Meeting Scorecards

Upon opening a recording, besides adding comments, you have the option to rate meetings using predefined scorecards. These scorecards consist of a set of customizable questions, including a 1-5 rating system (5 being the best) for individual questions, with an overall score added automatically. This standardizes the rating criteria across recordings, ensuring consistency in evaluating performance across teams. Upon scoring the meeting, the host or team members will receive automatic email notifications whenever meeting feedback is provided.

Pro Tip: Create distinct scorecards tailored to various meeting types to ensure fair evaluation criteria for different meeting purposes (e.g., demo meeting vs. introductory call). When creating a scorecard, please note that we offer templates that you can use or customize to save you time.

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Recording Bookmarks

We all have recordings we want to retain for a while without them expiring or being deleted. Fortunately, when you access a Demodesk recording, you can bookmark it, as demonstrated above, to prevent it from expiring.

Pro Tip: Bookmark meetings containing general knowledge to save time and avoid the hassle of re-explaining such information, particularly to new team members

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Transcription & AI

Within a Demodesk Recording, you can efficiently navigate through crucial moments and extract valuable insights without watching the entire recording, thanks to our transcription and AI features, demonstrated in the image above. In the transcript section, you can access the complete meeting transcript, search for specific keywords, highlight particular sections, and even translate the transcript into one of over 50 supported languages. The summary feature streamlines the process by presenting key insights of the meeting according to the predefined structure or prompts you selected/inserted. Once the summary is generated after the meeting recording, the host will receive an email notification.

Pro Tip: You can use Demodesk's transcription feature to search for keywords across multiple recordings simultaneously, or across all your recordings. Learn how to execute these search operations by referring to the instructions provided in this article

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Integrating with Other Conferencing Tools

One distinctive feature of Demodesk Coaching & AI is its seamless integration with other conferencing tools such as Google Meet, Microsoft Teams, or Zoom, facilitated by our recording bot - the Demodesk Notetaker. Once you connect your Google or Outlook Calendar with Demodesk, scheduled meetings are imported, and the bot is prepared to join these meetings as a participant. You have the option to accept or reject its entry. Alternatively, you can explicitly tell the bot which meetings to join and which not to. One of the aspects that sets the Demodesk Notetaker apart is that all data processing takes place in Europe, and it can notify participants prior to meetings, seeking their consent for recording.

For further details on the Demodesk Notetaker, please refer to this article.

Getting Started with Demodesk Coaching & AI

New to Coaching & AI? No need to worry, we have got you covered. Below are some suggestions on how to get started.

Step 1: If you have not already, connect your Google or Outlook calendar here.

Step 2: Set up Scorecards here - you can find more information and Scorecard templates in this article.

Step 3: Configure AI Prompts for meeting summaries here - you can find more information in this article.

Pro Tip: Enable GDPR-compliant automatic recording in the meeting types to ensure that all meetings are recorded and transcribed

You are all set! 🎉 Try scheduling a meeting and ensure that it is recorded, whether on Demodesk or via the Demodesk Notetaker. After the meeting concludes, test out our comments, scorecards, transcription, and AI summary sections, all available within a recording, which you can find here.

Frequently Asked Questions

Question: Will the user get notified when a comment was added to a recording?


Yes, the meeting host will receive an email notification upon the addition of a comment. Likewise, all individuals who have contributed comments on the recording will receive notifications. Users have the option to unsubscribe from the email thread to stop receiving notifications regarding this specific recording. However, upon adding another comment or meeting feedback, they will be automatically subscribed again

Question: Does the user receive notifications when I score a meeting recording using a scorecard?


Yes, the recipient of the feedback will receive automatic email notifications whenever meeting feedback is provided to them.

Question: How can I activate Coaching & AI features?


You can achieve this by reaching out to Demodesk Support either through the support chat system available or via email at If you are still not a Demodesk user you can do so here.

Question: What does bookmarking a recording do?


By bookmarking a recording, you ensure that it will not expire as long as your Demodesk account remains active, allowing you to access it whenever you need.

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